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Reader's Digest February 2012 (India)
Reader's Digest - February 2012 (India)
English | PDF | 176 pages | 69.5 Mb

Reader's Digest has been the world's biggest-selling magazine for nearly nine decades. It is also India's largest-selling magazine in English. Beneath the fun and excitement of its pages, the Digest is, above all else, a serious magazine that never loses sight of the fact that, each day, all of us confront a tough, challenging world.

Saveur March 2012
Saveur - March 2012
English | PDF | 94 pages | 52.9 Mb

Saveur is for people who experience the world food first. It was created to satisfy the hunger for genuine information about food in all its contexts. With its emphasis on heritage and tradition, home cooking and real food, the magazine evokes the flavors of food from around the world.

Yoga Journal - February March 2012 (Australia)
Yoga Journal - February/March 2012 (Australia)
English | PDF | 100 pages | 39.6 Mb

Yoga Journal is an American based media company that publishes a magazine, a website, DVDs, and puts on conferences all devoted to yoga, food and nutrition, fitness, wellness, and fashion and beauty.

Elle March 2012 (Canada)
Elle - March 2012 (Canada)
English | PDF | 220 pages | 46.9 Mb

Elle Canada this magazine reports on emerging trends in fashion, beauty and style. Its visual core is surrounded by features, news and analysis of the larger world. Its articles feature information on culture, health, politics, art and relationships. Elle Magazine for helpful articles on trends and tips for women�s fashion, beauty and shopping.

Home Power Magazine Issue 1-122

Home Power Magazine - Issue 1-122
English | Collection Magazine | PDF | 1.58 GB

Since 1987, we've dedicated more than 100 issues to renewable energy and sustainable living solutions. That means comprehensive coverage of solar, wind, and microhydro electricity, energy efficiency, solar hot water systems, space heating and cooling, green building materials and home design, efficient transportation, and much, much more.

Harvard Business Review Collection

Magazine Collection - Harvard Business Review
English | Collection Magazine | PDF | 2.07 GB

All Harvard Business Review i could find. Only found one of the special editons called OnPoint, the number 5, fall 2011.
First - 2004 january
Last - 2012 january/february
Naming : Tittle-YearMonth
Example: HarvardBusinessReview-200604

GameStation February 2012 (Indonesia)
GameStation - February 2012 (Indonesia)
English | PDF | 140 pages | 93.6 Mb

Home Decor - Special Edition 2011
Home Decor Special Edition 2011
English | PDF | 124 pages | 62 Mb

This is the second edition of this popular décor guide. In this issue we cover small-space living and big storage ideas. We also focus on children�s bedrooms, fabric for furniture, window treatments, and colour combinations that have stood the test of time. Plus we feature tips on how to translate a fashion trend into a room, we teach you how to identify your décor style how to turn garden blooms into breathtaking floral arrangements that add visual appeal to your home.

Esquire March 2012 (UK) (HQ PDF)
Esquire - March 2012 (UK)
English | HQ PDF | 200 pages | 131.7 Mb

Esquire UK magazine is the discerning man's lifestyle magazine. Addressing the entertainment requirements and values of the modern man with wit and sophistication, Esquire is a magazine with cut and thrust, and none of the tackiness and banality of many women's lifestyle magazines. Very chunky and printed on high quality paper, Esquire magazine is a complete stylish package for every man with brains, taste, and a good sense of irony.

Woodwork Magazine - The Missing Issues

Woodwork Magazine (the missing issues)
English | PDF | Magazine Collection | All In One | 433 MB

Woodwork Magazine has been around since 1989. It was a bimonthly for most of those years but it has been reduced to an annual magazine for the last 3. It has shown us a lot of the innovative ideas in woodwork for over 20 years.

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